About DMIG

About DMIG


Dyson Media Innovation Group

The exchange of ideas is moving faster and faster, thanks to digital technologies and an increasingly connected world.  Readers are increasingly accessing information on mobile devices and expecting dynamic content, complete with digital media (audio and video).  In addition, every day there is a new email about a technology platform, app, program, e-learning tool or other technology aimed at educators. It is downright exhausting. Our Group is dedicated to helping the Dyson community navigate these endless iterations.  We have 15 years of experiences working with cutting edge media technologies over the past two decades, and we’ve explored dozens of ways to put ideas, messages and stories into formats that work with various audiences.

Who We Are

Deborah Streeter

Deborah Streeter, PhD – Director of DMIG

Deborah is the Bruce F. Failing, Sr. Professor of Personal Enterprise and Small Business Management in the Department of Applied Economics and Management in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at Cornell University.  In addition to being recognized for her innovative use of technology in the classroom, over the past two decades, Professor Streeter has launched and grown the world’s largest collection of searchable video clips of interviews with entrepreneurs.  She received the MERLOT Award for Exemplary Online Learning Resources in 2010, the Olympus Innovative Educator Award in 2007, and was named a Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow in 2000, the highest teaching honor at Cornell University.

Jamie Kalousdian

Jamie Kalousdian – Assistant Director

Jamie has been working with Dr. Streeter since 2004 on technology and media management. His background includes educational technology and corporate video production. He is the project manager in charge of the high quality interviews, productions and new web content for educators.

Manuel Lora

Manuel Lora – Media Production Specialist

Manuel coordinates all media processing efforts and related content for eClips collection. He is responsible for hundreds of cases and thousands of clips. In addition, he is responsible for creating innovative media products that include mini-videos, podcasts and apps.

Kirsten Barker

Kirsten Barker – Curator & Metadata Specialist

Kirsten has been collaborating with Dr. Streeter since 2001 and led the technical design of the eClips platform. Working with Dr. Streeter, she implemented the curation process that has been used to create metadata and organize the group’s digital media collection. Prior to Kirsten’s involvement with Cornell, she served as an information technology consultant and Chief Information Officer. She is also a proud graduate of the Applied Economics and Management program at Cornell!

Nancy Bell

Nancy Bell – Project Coordinator

Nancy is responsible for scheduling and monitoring the progress of all projects, overseeing all accounting aspects for DMIG, and staying up to date with new trends on social media. She is also a graduate student in the Industrial and Labor Relations School at Cornell University, with a focus on social entrepreneurship and HR role’s as a strategic business partner. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell University.

Aaron Kaye

Aaron Kaye – Developer

Aaron is responsible for maintaining the technology stack at DMIG by managing the various websites we’ve created as well as creating new and innovative web and mobile applications. He also assists with media creation through videography and web design.

Werner Zorman

Werner Zorman – Collaborator

Werner is the Associate Director of the Cornell Engineering Leadership Program. He is passionate about team & leadership development, emotional intelligence, and working with engineers. He enjoys asking Cornell Alumni and Psychology Professors unconventional questions. Their insightful answers are used by the DMIG team to produce podcasts, videos, and animations, in which insights and wisdom are shared with people who are interested in developing their intra- and interpersonal skills.