Episode 2 – Self Awareness – Me, Myself and I

What can we learn from just examining our emotions? If someone asked you, “what’s wrong” do you respond “I dunno”? Maybe you don’t know why you are impatient, angry or sullen. Should you even bother being aware of your emotions – we think so. Only when you do some reflecting can you know what’s going on and get to regulation. Listen as Jamie and Werner outline what, why and how of emotions by drawing some analogies to color wheels and how we all find the different shades of emotion and how they might impact us. J and W will give some specific examples and introduce some Cornell students and their emotional situations. They will also bring back Prof. Dave Pizzaro.

You’ll hear from:
Dave Pizarro – Associate Professor of Psychology – Dept. of Psychology
Matt Heflin ’17
Stephani Ou ’16
Adam Anderson – Associate Professor of Neuroscience

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