Self-Regulation (part I)

Self-Regulation (part I)

Episode 3A – Self regulation – Stop – Don’t Stop

Jamie and Werner recap where they are in the process of incrementally increasing your emotional intelligence. They outline situations students might find themselves in, like; fear of not getting a job as a senior, being anxious before an interview or in-class presentation, the Imposter Syndrome (where you think you don’t belong at Cornell), and a “C” is not an F (recovering from failure).

Once you have identified your emotion and are ready to get to the next step, you’ll find getting to regulation isn’t easy. Sometimes you need to evaluate what to do next, where do you need to be. For example, do you need to be confident or a little more worried? Whether you need to replace, reduce or increase your emotion might depend on a couple factors.

You’ll hear from:
Dave Pizarro – Associate Professor of Psychology – Dept. of Psychology

To help, the guys give you a visual concept of what you might need to do – see the graphic below.

“A” is your emotional state and you need to get to a B state that matches what you need to do next. Do you need to replace your emotion? Probably not if your state of panic is because you really aren’t prepared for your presentation tomorrow morning. On the other hand, if you’re worried about your interview and aren’t going to get a good night’s sleep unless you can calm down, then yes, reducing or replacing might help.

Adding a time component helps you appreciate that sometimes what needs to happen is different based on when. Panicking 3 weeks before a job interview might not be necessary unless you don’t have a way to fly across the country for that job interview.

Stay tuned for HOW to regulate your emotions.

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