Self-Regulation (part II)

Self-Regulation (part II)

Episde 3B

You now have some tools to determine what your emotions are and why you should regulate, now the team will share just some of the many productive ways you can regulate your emotions. Should you exercise or meditate, should you share or keep to yourself? You’ll hear some good tips to self-regulate from more Cornell students and, of course, Dave Pizzaro Cornell University Associate Professor of Psychology – Dept. of Psychology.

Are you sleep deprived? You might be emotionally compromised! Get more sleep! Do you get “Hangry”? Remember the Snickers commercial? Eat something! Taking a moment to breath deeply, in and out can help you with emotional distress. Exercise is the same.

You’ll hear from:
Dave Pizarro – Associate Professor of Psychology – Dept. of Psychology
Matt Heflin ’16
Ryan Campbell – MS ’16
Stephani Ou ’16

Links for this episode

BookMan’s Search for Meaning – Viktor Frankl – Psychiatrist

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