Episode 4 – Social Awareness – seeing the forest for the trees – recognizing other peoples emotions.

Remember – EQ++ is our way of designating the idea that you can incrementally increase your EQ. While they say you can’t increase your IQ, it is widely understood that you can increase your EQ.

Investing effort into understanding other people’s emotions has powerful impacts. Just knowing what’s going on in a team or with a friend will help you impact your relationships. What about a friend who comes to you with a tough situation? What will you do? Will you notice what’s going on with them when their emotions shift? Can you tell what shifted? Could you see a change in their face? What about their body, did they cross their arms? Look down? Did their shoulders drop? This non verbal communication has so much to say, if you are paying attention.

What about their words… Did they change the topic? Did you notice they were struggling with something you said or others said? Sometimes there are situations where the body and words don’t match. When it matches – you often know what the emotion might be, but when it doesn’t match you have to do more digging.

Remember this stuff isn’t easy. What happens when the person whom you are trying to help says something that bothers you? Then you have to deal with your own emotional response. This tends to diminish your ability to help others. The key is to remember not to focus on you when working with others. This goes back to episode 3, being good at regulating your own emotions. Don’t forget to be empathetic! Which is also part of managing relationships – episode 5.

You’ll hear from:
Dave Pizarro – Associate Professor of Psychology – Dept. of Psychology
Ryan Campbell – MS ’16

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