Episode 5 – Relationship Management – “Social Regulation”

Why should you bother being interested in influencing other people’s emotions? The short story is to be a better human being… Wow, that’s a lofty goal but it’s totally attainable with EQ.

What if it was you who needed to reduce your anxiety? What if you start telling a friend your feelings? You’d want them to listen. Listening is a great way to begin influencing. Now you are helping others move from “A” state to a different “B” state (see our earlier diagram in episode 3A).

Ways to help are: reducing, replacing or increasing. WHAT? Increasing? Sure, your partner on a project team is mildly concerned about the coming project deadline but you know them and they will likely panic in a few hours. You can help them increase that anxiety now to get them into a new place (a new state). Conversely, another friend is grieving and they need to get some dinner, you can help them reduce their emotions by cheering them up a bit so they can take care of themselves.

Coming from an empathetic place means you are more likely to be able to understand where they are coming from and what they likely need to get to another state. There are many useful ways to contribute to the emotional wellbeing of others.

You’ll hear from:
Ryan Campbell – MS ’16

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