What Are Emotions

What Are Emotions

Episode 1 – What are emotions and WHY is Emotional Intelligence Important

What are emotions and where do they come from – physically and psychologically? Why should we examine our emotions? How can examining emotions, ours and others, affect what we do.

In this first of 6 podcasts, Jamie Kalousdian and Werner Zorman (the dynamic duo that brought you the podcast 10GoodMinutes for Engin(ears) will walk you through why fear and other emotions are valuable to humans. Why being grossed out at rotten food or afraid of lions continues our survival. Why joy is valuable to the basic human existence – you can leave your mind-in-the-gutter here but there is more to it, and what Universal Emotions are. They will give you a framework for how emotional intelligence is examined and get you ready to examine your own emotions. Ready, Set, Listen!

Show notes

You’ll hear from:
Dave Pizarro – Associate Professor of Psychology – Dept. of Psychology

Links for episode one

Daniel Coleman – Psychologist and Author

Goleman’s work is from his book where he references Mayer and Salovey – Sage Journals

David A. Pizzaro – Associate Professor of Psychology – Dept of Psychology, Cornell University
Dave Pizzaro – Cornell Faculty Page
Dave Pizzaro – Personal Website

Producer and co-host –Very Bad Wizards Podcast

Kris Girell – Author and Executive Leadership Coach –
Kris has created a very funny periodic table of emotions. Watch the beginning of the TEDx video or click on this LinkedIn story to learn some of the funnier points to this table.

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